Eric Mulder

Eric became obsessed with movies at an early age. He often wore out VHS tapes from the constant playing and rewinding as well as wearing out blank tapes from recording all types of Movies and Shows on TV over and over, and over. He really wasn't able to fully appreciate and understand Film until he went to college where he majored in Film Studies. For the time being, he works a typical 40 hour a week job to pay the bills but he also works part-time at a Historic, Indie Movie Theatre in Minneapolis. He has written analysis of certain films and topics and has begun work on a screenplay. He started this website/podcast with his close friend and confidant Alex Jones as a way to explore, celebrate, and study film, as well as to share this experience with people who have similar interests while hopefully providing more than a few laughs along the way.

Alex Jones

Alex attended the film school of hard knocks in various parts of Colorado and Minnesota. His love for movies began as a young tyke while viewing and discussing movies with the master, Mama Jones. He continued his education with additional collegiate and public courses in film and screenwriting. He currently is one half of the commentary for WTM podcast and site contributor.


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