Mr. Forsythe, can I buy you a drink?

by Alex Jones

This past weekend I had a chance to sit in on a Q&A with William Forsythe at Crypticon in Minneapolis. The more questions he answered and stories he told, all I could think was “Man, I’d like to drink with this guy.” His stories, his delivery and his appearance easily prove my point, but let me try to drive this home in with 5 reasons why he would make an excellent drinking companion.

1.     Solved one of John Wayne Gacy's murders?

In preparation for his role as John Wayne Gacy in 2010's Dear Mr. Gacy, Forsythe stated that he did in depth research to get into character, including interviewing dozens of people who actually knew the real life serial killer. In his research he believes that he discovered the location of another victim that the police had yet to identify. Although he alerted police, nothing was done about it. Whether he did or didn't find an additional victim, we'll never know, but the fact that he may have and did the due diligence to report it is reason enough to buy this man a drink.

2.    Does a great Sean Connery impression

Bill had the opportunity to work with Sean Connery in 1996's The Rock. The experience and his acting ability provided him with one of his best skills - impressions. Although it cannot be done justice in this post if you ever have a chance to see a Q&A with Forsythe, ask about Connery and then sit back and enjoy. 

3.     Excellent story teller

William has played a gangster or acted in a gangster movie or TV show several times over the years. From his role as Phillip "Cockeye" Stein in Once Upon a Time in America (1984) to Flattop in Dick Tracy (1990) and more recently Manny Horvitz in Boardwalk Empire (2010).  Through his years of research he came to nail down and tell the Al Capone phone prank story. The prank involves Irish gangster Dean O’Bannon having a female associate call Al Capone posing as a friend to Capone and tell him someone has died. As Capone's heart strings are pulled for around 30 minutes Capone asks something to the effect of "Who can I send the flowers to?" to which the female responds, "O'BANNONNNN!". Again, it cannot be done justice in a blog post, you must hear it from Mr. Forsythe himself.

4.     Thigh High Shorts

Bill showed up to Crytpicon in a pair of thigh high shorts, rolled up long sleeve shirt and vest. Although I was concerned we may get more of a show than we anticipated when he hopped onto the tall stool he held his Q&A from, anyone who can rock thigh high shorts in Minnesota during October with such confidence has my respect. See picture below for visual. Baller.

Host of WTM, Eric Mulder, with WIlliam Forsythe

Host of WTM, Eric Mulder, with WIlliam Forsythe

5.     Always improving and optimistic

Last but not least the guy has a great attitude and is down to earth. Cliche as that may sound, when he was asked "What's the greatest film you've ever done" he responded, “I always believe my greatest film is the next one.” He admits that he's done, what he calls, "stinkers" but that he's also done some great ones. Regardless, he believes that the best one is the next one and he'll be prepared. Now that's a man I could share a bottle of whiskey with.