Rising Actor: Barkhad Abdi

by Alex Jones

Maybe it's because he's from Minnesota (as are all of the WTM hosts) or maybe it's because he quietly attached himself to several critically acclaimed movies. Regardless, I felt it necessary to highlight fellow Minnesotan, Barkhad Abdi, as a slowly rising star in Hollywood.
Barkhad made his big screen debut as Somali pirate, Muse, in 2013's Captain Phillips (RT 93%). Not only did this lead to an Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actor, but also launched his career in more ways than one. Since then, he's followed up with roles in 2015's Eye in the Sky (RT 95%) and 2016's The Brother's Grimsby (RT 37%). In that same time period, he's racked up roles on the US TV series Hawaii Five-O and Family Guy (in which he does the voice of a cartoon version of Muse from Captain Phillips). A solid track record over the course of 3 years to say the least.
Even more impressive is the recent announcement that he'll be acting alongside Harrison Ford in Denis Villeneuve (Director of Sicario, Prisoners) future sequel to Blade Runner (Source: http://www.slashfilm.com/barkhad-abdi-blade-runner-2-cast/). The guy who went from fleeing war torn Somalia to DJ-ing pool parties in Minneapolis (Source: IMDB) is definitely someone you'll continue to hear more of whether you reside in Minnesota or not.