Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters

I recently visited the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) to check out the Guillermo del Toro exhibit "At Home with Monsters". To summarize - it was like walking into a haunted house with the lights turned on. If you get the chance, go see for yourself.

The exhibit features a collection of paintings, drawings, artifacts, and concept film art from del Toro's own house in Los Angeles known as Bleak House. Not only was there actual film used items like Hellboy's gun, Crimson Peak fashion and countless Crono's storyboards, but also family pictures and del Toro created art work. In addition, del Toro loaned out art work he collects unrelated to his films and personal life. As you slowly make you're way through the various rooms, you come to understand (and appreciate) the inspiration that Guillermo uses for his great films.

I'll save my breath and let you get a taste of what I experienced via pictures I took for the remainder of the post. Keep in mind - these are only a sample of what's there. The exhibit is still on display up until May 28th, so buy your tickets soon. You won't regret it.

All picture rights reserved to Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Guillermo del Toro who graciously allowed visitors to capture and share this material with friends who couldn't see for themselves. 

- AJ