Book Recommendation: David Lynch's Catching the Big Fish

I recently finished reading David Lynch’s book “Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity”. The book left me with a greater understanding of how Lynch develops his wildly original ideas, while also providing a light introduction to Transcendental Meditation. This was all accomplished in a very short 192 pages (i.e. 1 chapter was only 1 sentence just to give you an idea). This post will not spoil anything but instead give you a glimpse of the things you can learn in such a condensed reading. In short – highly recommended reading for Lynch, film or meditation buffs.

Here are some topics covered that I enjoyed the most:

  1. Transcendental Meditation – A major influence in Lynch’s creative process and life.
  2. Why Inland Empire (2006) might just be his last film ever.
  3. What the Wall Street Journal, Stanley Kubrick and Eraserhead (1977) all have in common.
  4. The answer to everyone’s question from Mulholland Drive (2001) – WHAT’S THE KEY AND THE BOX ALL ABOUT?!?!
  5. The relationship between the O.J. Simpson trial and Lost Highway (1997)
  6. Blue Velvet (1986) and Twin Peaks (TV Series) influences and fun facts.
  7. His favorite camera to use these days (hint: it’s something most people could afford to purchase.)

Check out, buy, borrow or steal the book and find out more yourself. With the upcoming return of Twin Peaks, there isn’t any better reading to help you prepare for the unique madness that is David Lynch.